Frequently Asked Questions

A copy of this document should be located in the front of your notebook at all times.  Failure to have this sheet could result in a loss of classwork points.  If you lost your sheet you should print this now.

1.  What should I bring to class every day?

A-You should have a 3-ring binder exclusive to Earth Science, paper, dividers, reference tables, FAQ sheet, and a pencil case that includes at least three pens, three pencils, an eraser and a calculator.

2.  Why can't I share my notebook with other subjects?

A- Once every two weeks you will leave your notebook in school to be checked and graded.

3.  What happens if I am late?

A-You will serve detention with me after school.  If you fail to attend my detention, your name will be fowarded to Mr. Muscara and you will serve detention until 3:15 pm with him.

4.  Can I go to the bathroom any time I want?

A-No.  You may use the red pass located in the front of the room. Please try to minimize lost class time.

5.  What happens if I lose my reference tables?

A-Log onto (goto Mr.Vitale's page) and print out another copy.

6.  When is the homework due?

A-At the beginning of the period.  After the first two minutes of class, your work will be considered late and you will only receive half credit.

7.  What happens if I don't know the homework?

A- Goto to see daily homework assignments.

8.  Can I make up my homework?

A- No. Sorry but no late homeworks are accepted. If you are legally absent there are exceptions.

9. How is my homework grade calculated?

A-Your homework grade is based on a score of 100. Your grade is depended upon what percent you have completed.

10.  What is a DO NOW and how should I go about doing it?

A-A DO NOW is a task that will be performed in the beginning of the class period that is a review of the prior days material.

11. Where should I keep the DO NOWS and will they be graded?

A-DO NOWS will be kept in your notebook in the proper section and will be checked for completeness once a week.


13.  What happens if I am absent and miss the class notes?

A-Log onto the website (goto Mr.Vitale's page) and click on the current notes we are working on and print them out.

14.  What happens if I miss a lab?

A-You should stay after school on your first day back.  It is important to complete the labs in a timely manner for they will be tested along with the other material in the unit.  After seven (7) days if you have not made up the lab you will receive a ZERO.

15.  What happens if I do my labs in pen?

A-You will receive lab credit towards the regents, but you grade on the lab will be a ZERO.

16.  What happens if I miss a test?

A-If you miss a test you will have three (3) days to make it up.  Every day after three will cost you ten (10) points per day.

17.  What happens if I don't have a computer or Internet service?

A-Any material I give out will always be available in class, the computer is simply another way to give you access to material you may have missed.

18.  Why do you use Adobe Acrobat on all of the material.

A-It makes large files smaller so they can be downloaded on your computer faster.

19.  How do I obtain Adobe reader and do I have to pay for it?

A-Adobe Acrobat Reader is free from the internet and you can download it to you computer from a link on

20.  What happens if I don't have a computer or Internet service and the project is to be done on the Internet?

A-You will always have plenty of time to complete an Internet activity.  If you don't have a computer at homer there are plenty here in school.  There are three in our classroom as well as many others in the library. 

21.  What is I lose the Internet assignment?

A-Log onto the site (goto Mr.Vitale's page) and print yourself out another one.

22.  How can I find out my grades?

A-Grades are updated on all students and parents will have passwords to this site.

23.  Will everyone in the class know my grades?

A-No.  You will have a code number that will be confidential.  The only way other students will know your code is if you tell them.

24.  What can I do to improve my grade during the marking period?

A-Pay attention during class, ask questions and attend extra help which is offered after school Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

25.  Will my parents be notified if I am not doing well in class?

A-Yes.  Myself and your other teachers are on a team that meets everyday fourth period.  Here we discuss each student's performance and decided if phone calls are necessary.  In addition, I will be giving students that are failing a progress report to be brought home, signed and returned.  You will continue to receive a report until your grades improve.  These are not to punish you but rather help you succeed in Earth Science.

26.  What happens if I or my parents/guardian want to get in touch with you?

A-You both can e-mail me at or your parent/guardian can call me at school and leave a message with the office.

27.  Is extra credit available?

A-Extra credit will be offered during the marking period at my discretion. The extra credit assignments are for everybody and are not given by request of an individual.  The extra credit is designed to enhance your understanding of the subject matter and improve your grade.  Extra credit is not in exchange for a passing grade.

28.  What happens if I wait until the end of the year to make up my labs?

A-   You can hand copy the entire lab(s) you missed. This option will give you lab credit but will count as a ZERO on you class average. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!