Water Cycle

Print this page, fill in with hand written answers, and bring to class along with the other printed page from part 4 below!

Part 1: Watch the video on the water cycle and soil characteristics. Then answer the following questions below:


1. What is groundwater and why is it important?

2.What is the difference between the porosity and the permeability of soil?

3.What 3 things cause the porosity to change in the soil?

4. What 2 things cause the permeability of the soil to change?

Part 2: Click on webpage and then answer questions below"


1.How is porosity measured?

2.What is an aquifer and why do you thinks they are important?

Part 3 :Click here to look at diagram

Answer following questions:

1. Starting with evaporation, list the steps shown in the water cycle.


2. What is the process that makes clouds called?

3. What is the process shown when water moves on the surface of the mountain?

4. Where does the water eventually end up again?

 Part 4 Click here to look at diagram

Fill in the blanks on the website  above (complete it correctly) and the print the completed part 3 webpage to be handed in along with this ditto!