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A Web-Ex is an activity created to get students' minds working towards the next major topic we will discuss in Earth Science.  A Web-Ex is designed to help the student not hurt them.  The instructions will be clear and the work will be challenging but not difficult.  All of the answers will be readily available to the student to look up if necessary.  The Web-Ex will be available in advance and will be due the following Monday.  If Monday is a holiday the assignment will be due the first day back to school.  If the student is absent on the day it is due, it will be due the first day he or she returns to school.  If the student does not have a computer, we have computers in our classrooms as well as the library and the learning center.  There is no excuse why these assignments cannot be done on time.

In addition to the Web-Ex assignment, a conclusion question may be required to be answered and e-mailed to the teacher.  The e-mail must be received by 7:30 am on the day it is due.  If the e-mail is late or does not arrive, the student will only receive partial credit on the Web-EX.  This is designed to limit cheating and copying of the assignment.

The current Web-Ex will be posted below. 

A word to the wise is, do the assignment early, because if there is a problem, we can work it out before it is too late.

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